Author, workshop presenter and communication coach, Rachelle Lamb specializes in conflict resolution and breakthrough conversations. Her lifelong interest in human development, relationship dynamics and the roles that culture and ecology play in people's lives, along with her ability to skillfully pave the way for transformational dialogue between people consistently produces powerful learning experiences for individuals and audiences.

Recognized as a speaker, writer, poet, teacher, Nonviolent Communication℠ trainer and “relationship whisperer”, Rachelle brings an earthy, practical yet innovative wisdom earned over decades of studying language, relationships, conflict and power through the lenses of Nonviolent Communication℠, leadership, cultural anthropology, spirituality, mythology, poetry, storytelling, deep ecology and social change. 

Grateful to many teachers throughout her life for their influence, Rachelle attributes her most profound learning to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and Stephen Jenkinson. She met best selling author and international peacemaker Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in 2000. Rosenberg’s approach to communication was so revolutionary and powerful that she trained with him and was certified in 2002 by the Center for Nonviolent Communication. In 2010, Rachelle met Stephen Jenkinson, subject of the NFB documentary film Griefwalker. Jenkinson's work with the dying and his courageous and provocative views on the making of healthy human culture struck a deep chord. She continues to study with him and is a scholar of his Orphan Wisdom School based in Ontario.
Rachelle has garnered a few labels over the years: teacher, poet, modern mystic, spiritual activist, and visionary. She consistently approaches discourse with skillful means, remaining faithful to the objective of opening people's hearts and minds to holding a higher standard for being human in spite of the many challenges and adversities that plague us in our modern fast-paced times. She has been interviewed by newspaper, radio and television and is the author and publisher of Steps To Conscious Living (2000) and Communication Basics: An Overview of Nonviolent Communication (2003). Workshop participants consistently remark on the profound life-changing impact of what they learn in her trainings.

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