Mother Earth by Karen Koski

Mother Earth by Karen Koski

God Writes

You .. Delight
Come to me
By way of a poem

Bring your constellation
Your sea of yearning stars
To my pen's yearning tip

Let the milky way
Whisper her astonishment
Onto the canvas

Let all manner of shades
Hues of verdant green and chaste blue
Hold triumphant dominion

Let life erupt I say
Give birth to oceans
Shatter this bay of solitude

Let there be antlers and feathers
Let there be furs, claws, scales and fins
Beauty, may your name always come first

Lilium asiatica, Rosa gallica
Proffer your intoxications
Your magnificent symmetry

Let there be barley, let there be corn
Pomegranate, olive grove
No fruit forgotten

Let mystery and wonder preside
Life and death in rapturous embrace
Might breath ignite fire and land part the seas

Imagination, keep going
Give me a gardener
Clad in his mother's exalted songs

Rememberer, record keeper
Purveyor of prayers and deep praise
I say, let there be human, let there be light

© Rachelle Lamb

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