Artwork by Deborah Milton

Artwork by Deborah Milton

Imagine this ..
You are born inside
A mud and grass hut
Breath fills your lungs
.. Life

You hear soft voices
Hands reach out
To hold you close
Skin, breast, milk
.. Mother

You are given a name
Binding you to your
Purpose and lineage
You are firmly rooted
.. Home

The gauzy blur before
Your newborn eyes
Slowly reveals the many
Who have awaited you
.. Village

You are given stories to
Help you to see and obey
The Natural Order; to help
You choose right living
.. Wisdom

The Natural Order
Surrounds you
You are embedded
This is how it is
.. Belonging

Forest, mountain
River and creature
Everything speaks
The language of life
.. Creation

You are taught how
You are inseparable
From the Web of Life
How all things are joined
.. Kinship

You learn to pay heed
To listen to the land
To the winds and seasons
To the needs of all life
.. Respect

Your people help you
To cultivate the capacity
For humility, reverence
Courtesy and obligation
.. Etiquette

Elders instruct you
Readying you so that
One day you may become
An adult, elder, ancestor
.. Continuum

You learn to speak
Relationally; you learn
To bring attentiveness
To how language lives
.. Vigilance

You tend to what
Matters so that life can
Be nurtured by how
You live your days
.. Stewardship

And if your story is more
Lostness and tragedy than
It is sanity and coherence
You work to remember
.. Redemption

Trauma does not consign
You to choose between
Victim and oppressor
You are capable of more
.. Human

Imagine this ..
From your grief and labours
You can craft a different life
For those to inherit this world
.. Benediction

© Rachelle Lamb


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