Love Birds

So there you are
A dispute has placed you
In a prison cell
Bare concrete walls
A tiny box window
With black steel bars
The only sunlight
And with barbed voices
You spar on fault
Who rightly bears it
You argue about
The colour of the floor
And the thinness
Of the mattress
Your muscles are tense
The Red Sea in your head
How did the declaration of love
Lose its grace so easily?
So swiftly?

You keep going
Your grip tight on the sword
The deafening clang of your words
Negotiating your defense
Self appointed Crown Counsels
While two lovebirds
Sing outside your window
But you can't hear them
You're in too deep
Servants to the adrenaline rush
To the scent of a blood victory
You don't hear their artistry
The lyricism of their song
The flowering fields in their throats
Nor the sound of the keys
Jangling in your pocket

© Rachelle Lamb

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