Sacred Spiral by Natalie Rostad Desjarlais

Sacred Spiral by Natalie Rostad Desjarlais

Rickety Spoke

I don't know why
If it was because
I'd made some mistakes
Or a general malaise
Had moved in with me
But I couldn't find happiness
Maybe even hated myself
Like I was worthless
A human disease
Someone told me
I needed to learn
To love myself
So I signed up  
I bought the books

I went to retreats
Sat silent for days
On a pillow and block
I hit a rolled up futon
With a baseball bat
Screamed my rage
I told my story
In a healing circle
I danced to African drums
Went to therapy
Had a soul retrieval
Journaled before bed
Cradled my inner child
Evoked my higher self

You can spend decades
And I did
And money equal
To the down payment
Of a house
And I did
And I learned this ...
You only need to love life
And love the world
Not the crafted irreality
Forged from the iron age
That caused most
Of your woes and
Needs your compassion

But the world of
Sun moon star and earth
Forest leaf berry and feather
Fur claw ocean and gill
Fire stone sand and rain
Life and death intertwined
In ecstatic embrace
That wild and elemental one
Who wants you to fall in love
You only need to care
With a big C
That she will go on
Spinning on her
Axis of beauty

Because one day you turned
Towards the centre
Which was not you
And you planted
Some seeds
Sang songs for the Holy
Because you finally
Remembered that you are
A rickety spoke
Tethered to the
Great mystery
Watering those seeds
With your beautiful
Broken heart

© Rachelle Lamb 

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