Photo Rachelle Lamb

Photo Rachelle Lamb

Talking to Thomas

Victoria is a beautiful city
Some call it paradise
No shoveling snow
An abundance of flowers
Surrounded by ocean
And snow capped mountains
You could die here
With a carefree smile

Thomas lives here too
I saw him today
Sitting under the leaf bare ash
Cross legged with wanderer's clothes
Navy toque on his head
Blowing his breath into his
Cupped weathered hands
A baseball cap his begging bowl

My broken heart wouldn't let me turn
Away and walk by like he's not there
I bent down with 2 polar bear coins
Now company to the shiny silver moose
What a beautiful smile to open the clouds
Thank you! Only 16 more to go!
Cause he owes his girlfriend 20
And today he's a man of his word

I pause before I ask him
What's it like for you? How's the street?
I hate it! It's horrible! His sorrow spills.
I'm learning my lesson now
Had it all and threw it all away
I got a good woman now
She helps me out
And I don't drink no more

Almost like looking into a sailor's eyes
A serene blue that knows the sea
Deep lines etched by grief and hard living
Fuckin' real is all I can say
So damn human my heart shatters again
Yeah it's hard to know, that's what I say
Which hell is better really
But sanity sure sounds good don't it

What's your name? I want to remember you
Thomas .. my name's Thomas
His right arm reaches out to me
Like a whale breaching from the mother womb
Give me your beautiful rugged hand
Please bless me with this brokenness
They say that's how the light gets in ..
And I can't help but wonder ..

What if God was one of us?

© Rachelle Lamb

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