Poetry, presence and humanity ..
Rachelle brings a passion for life-giving language that she shares in the service of inspiring others to choose words that incite not just personal but global change.
— Jacqueline Kellam

Wonderfully Transformative!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your workshop to anyone - in a relationship or not, in conflict or not, with kids or not. You were so wonderful at customizing the content to the group and offering relevant, realistic examples of how we can try to "be" NVC even if we don't exactly hit the mark with the structure of the process every time. It was wonderfully transformative. Thank you Rachelle! 

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Dana Bass Solomon,    CEO, Hollyhock

Dana Bass Solomon, CEO, Hollyhock

Important Visionary Work - Engaging, Profound and Enduring

Rachelle Lamb continues to be one of Hollyhock’s extraordinary and beloved presenters (10th year), attracting learners from diverse backgrounds and vocations. Consistently praised, Rachelle’s commitment to helping people concretely grasp the importance and impact that language has in every aspect of our lives is both unique and powerful. Her inspirational and practical teachings help clear a path for deep authentic living and relating rooted in soul, beauty and discriminating awareness. Rachelle brings a lively and vibrant dynamism to her courses ensuring participants a learning experience that is engaging, profound and enduring. Warm, articulate, witty, humorous, passionate and poetic, I highly recommend Rachelle's important visionary work.

Learn the Language of Life

Initially rooted in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Rachelle has taken her approach in a radically different direction. She recognizes that before we can learn to navigate conflict, we must first recognize how deeply our language creates separation. 

And further, how we are embedded in a culture that has lost its moorings from the wild and living world. Rachelle teaches you how to re-learn the language of life, placing humans back within the web of interconnection, rather than the center. Since her teaching, I've found deeper clarity within myself and a more connection with others.

Natasha Kong,    Media Works

Natasha Kong, Media Works

Advocating for an endangered way of speaking 

Rachelle so blazingly awakens us to the waves we create in the wake of our words. Through the lens of wonderment and through the beauty of language, she is teaching how to consider deeply the ripple of every action and every word. She is a beacon that will alert you to your sense of rooted purposefulness, to your treasure trove which includes your heartbreaks, and she will remind you of how it is to walk as a human being needed by the world. Through her poetry she whispers to us, "let us be kin with the vast and wild, with the undomesticated and poetic, with mystery and majesty." Grateful to know there is such a person in the world fiercely advocating for an endangered way of speaking.

Jim Kragtwyk,    Medicine Moves

Jim Kragtwyk, Medicine Moves

Be Irrevocably Transformed

Being guided by Rachelle, whether in the realms of communication, conflict resolution, personal growth or organizational wellness and health, you will be irrevocably transformed. There is no putting the butterfly back into the caterpillar. 

Jim Kragtwyk M. Ed, RCC, ICADC
Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Addictions Counsellor, Movement Psychotherapist and Organizational Health and Wellness Trainer


Anne Pitman,    Anne’s Yoga

Anne Pitman, Anne’s Yoga

You Will Want This Practice

Troubled times demand big learning.  If you hold friends, family, co-workers (etc) in high regard, you will want this practice.  If you want to be of greater service to peace in your corner of the world, Rachelle’s training sessions will be your guide.  Rachelle Lamb is a willing trance-breaker, a fierce poet, kind teacher and full-time-wonderer.  I recommend her most fervently.

Anne Pitman
Yoga Instructor & Co-Director of
School of Embodied Yoga Therapy (Ottawa)

Margie Weaver,    Yoga Mojo

Margie Weaver, Yoga Mojo

Count Your Blessings

Rachelle is a brave beauty-maker whose willingness to look life in the eye with a fearless sense of wonder & deep respect brings eloquence and humble, wholehearted authenticity to her life and work. Her clear, passionate voice is much needed in the world at this time. Count your blessings if you have the good fortune to spend time in her presence.

Rosemary Renstad

Rosemary Renstad

Courage, Integrity, "Grace and Grit"

I have met few travelers on the spiritual path who follow their inner guidance with as much courage and integrity, “grace and grit” as Rachelle Lamb.  She is both pragmatist and poet, teacher and humble student. In my experience Rachelle is always pushing the envelope of her growth, deepening her integrity, and sharing her insights and experiences with an amazing generosity and artistry. I love getting to spend time with Rachelle as a friend and teacher. – She is always on the leading edge of her passion – be it social activism, compassionate communication, community building...  I learn so much from her, always, and come away awed and inspired, with profound insights, a hopeful, deeper heart, and usually some pretty darn practical tools to move me in the direction I am going.  Rachelle is a deeply authentic, intelligent, and highly skilled communicator and teacher.  You cannot but gain from any time you get to spend with her.

Most valuable

A workshop with Rachelle is a most valuable experience for anyone that wants to be more humane in this world. Rachelle is clearly passionate and an exceptional teacher in the art of communication. Sign up for any of her workshops .. you won't regret it!!

Fern Smith,    Emergence    (Wales UK)

Fern Smith, Emergence (Wales UK)

No Greater Work

At this time we need compassionate, clear and courageous communication to stand up for what we believe. There is no greater work at this time than to rebuild our lost connection with the earth and one another. One of the most powerful aspects of Rachelle’s work is that she shares this belief and is committed to enabling people develop the skills they need to do just that.

Glen Timms,    Hakomi Therapist

Glen Timms, Hakomi Therapist

Transformational Medicine

Rachelle Lamb is a skillful and engaging workshop presenter and coach. She is also a gifted poetic provocateur of our social norms. Spending time with her in these capacities is good transformational medicine for your Heart and Soul and for all your Relations.

Leslie Campbell,    Editor Focus Magazine

Leslie Campbell, Editor Focus Magazine

Soulful Experience

Rachelle's NVC workshop is a helpful, soulful experience. She teaches us how to communicate in a manner that is in sync with our deeper, authentic side, clearing the way for connection and genuine progress.

Leslie Campbell
Founder & Editor, Focus Magazine



"It's one of the most important stepping stones I've come across for myself personally, and I believe for everyone. Life changing!"

Leah Moore


"Rachelle has a warm and witty affect and her passion for the material is infectious. I’m excited at the prospect of applying these skills in my day to day life."

Bob Herold

"A workshop that truly speaks to the heart!! A wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to explore an alternate way of being! An opportunity that speaks to our essence."

Susan Loree

"If you're interested in needs-based, compromise-free conflict resolution, don't miss an opportunity to learn Nonviolent Communication from certified trainer Rachelle Lamb. Rachelle's fearless vulnerability brings a unique stamp to her trainings and her intuitive delivery makes the concepts readily absorbable into natural speech."

Beth Wilks

"Go to this workshop! It was all I could have hoped for and more. I believe there is always more to learn about improving communication and deepening relationships."

Michelle Mailhot

"Anyone who is interested in improving their relationships and minimizing disputes owes it to themselves and their families to take this workshop."

Terry Snider

"Go . . . this workshop was an inspiration! I know it will make a difference in my children’s and grandchildren’s lives."

Bobbi Hill

"I would highly recommend this workshop. I wish it could be part of every school curriculum. Wow!"

BettyLou MacKeigan

"Learning these tools has made such a difference in my life! I am experiencing far more peace and ease in my relationships and am able to hear people's messages without resorting to former habitual knee-jerk reactions."

Clint Montgomery

"I felt so excited, hopeful, really jazzed when I left Rachelle’s training – her facilitation of the material and the way she embodies and teaches NVC really meets my need for learning, integrity and fun. Check it out!"

Joanne Hall

"This is a vibrant way to communicate with those you love and especially those that you don’t."

Monique Schmutz

"I am so thrilled to experience NVC at home and in my work! Even through my beginner use of NVC, doors are opening to the hearts of my clients, and I am feeling revitalized which is just what I so needed. My needs to contribute to their well-being with something they can really use is being hugely met. Today as I was with a client, I had the image/sense of you (Rachelle) having whispered to me a wonderful secret that is unlocking so much bound energy and new possibility in me and in my clients, something I was so longing to know. Thank you so much for all you taught, gave and modeled."

Anne Wissler,
Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor

"Super-valuable crucial food for unraveling the tangled veil we’ve worn."

Dean Samuel

"A class with Rachelle will meet your needs for understanding NVC in skills and consciousness."

Nathan Stevens

"An excellent opportunity to develop new skills for effective compassionate communication and resolving conflict."

Sharon Slaney

"A necessary fuel stop on the path to peace, self-love, self-understanding and connection with mankind."

Stuart Morse

"The workshop is a valuable experience and time well spent discovering and using new language."

Connie Phelps

"It met my need for growth, learning, belonging and awareness. Go Go Go!"

Brita Lind

"Rachelle met my need for authenticity by demonstrating that she lives her process rather than having a ‘canned’ presentation."

Tania Wouk

"Life enriching! NVC teaches a way of communication that hails and nourishes our core human needs for connection, love and understanding."

M. Warren

"Prior to registration, I was skeptical. I registered anyway trying to stay open minded. The lessons learned and material far exceeded my expectations. I will be using these techniques!"

Mike Desjardins


"I have attended at least 2 dozen summer camps over 20 years and clearly this presentation is truly the most helpful and valuable for me. Beyond understanding and tools, I now have hope and encouragement. This week’s learning is just what I needed at this time. Others in my family will benefit Thank you so much."

Jim Sloboda
Seabeck Family Camp


Corporate Clients Are Saying ...

"Rachelle’s welcoming energy combined with her heartfelt sincerity makes the depth of the material apparent and thoroughly enjoyable.  Don’t change anything. Thank-you Rachelle!" 

Mark Jowett, ICA Associates

"I appreciated Rachelle’s 'realness'. Lots of workshops are staid and too professional. She knew how to speak to our group and I saw a lot of heads nodding in agreement." 

Maureen Maclennan
Program Coordinator, Community Life Program

NVC encourages us to examine our motives and intentions and align them with the feelings and needs of others. Rachelle has worked with our organization for the past twelve months and has presented NVC workshops in numerous, sometimes challenging, settings. We have been impressed by her professionalism, and by her ability to communicate compassionately even in the most difficult situations with those who start off communicating in a competitive, non-NVC way. She has risen to the challenge of presenting a large amount of information in a small amount of time. She’s also an excellent model for the techniques she teaches. The workshop materials she helped us develop have provided the stimulus for us to practice compassionate communication both at work and at home, and to improve our relationships in both places. As new as we are to NVC, our unpolished beginners’ efforts get better results than our old style of interaction.

Andrew Clarke, MD
Executive Director
Physician Health Program of BC

"This is pretty powerful stuff . . . and is definitely worth pursuing. Incorporating these practices in our interactions would reduce misunderstandings and conflict in the workplace."

J. Paul Vienneau, A. Director

"Awesome! Highly recommended. The most inspiring and relevant interpersonal communication course I’ve attended."

Lorne Mayes, Team Leader

"Every other program has a disclaimer “take what you need and leave the rest”. I can “take” all of this! Thank you!"

Sue Aschim, Supervisor

"Excellent foundation for improving understanding of communication."

R. Mitchell, Manager

"More than worth it."

D. Eldridge, Manager

"If you are looking to improve your ability to look at others in a different way, this is an excellent starting point."

R. Magill, Manager

"Excellent. Rachelle was clear, concise and provided an atmosphere to enhance learning and was very knowledgeable on the subject matter. I would highly recommend it."

B.R. Harradine, Manager


"I enjoyed the relaxed presentation rather than ‘in your face’ style and how Rachelle related to her own life experiences. The workshop opens up new communication skills."

K. McClure, Manager

"Rachelle's workshop provided me with profound insight on how to more genuinely connect with individuals, both within work and personal settings. Learning to "let go" of the cultural programming that has promoted judgemental language in most of our communications will be challenging. However, I know that this way of communicating with mindfulness, has the potential to open our hearts and create positive change in the world. It only takes one individual to start the ripple effect. My appreciation to you, Rachelle, for sharing your knowledge, skills with our team."

Vera Lagasse, Director

"I expect to be able to more effectively listen and appreciate what other individuals are saying and asking for. I would recommend this to my fellow directors."

J. Mills, Regional Director

"Reminder of how prevalent and unconscious our violence-based culture and communication is, and how little training we all have in honestly looking at how we want our lives and how to get there. Thank you for new information, new ideas, and new perspectives, all of which will add to my mindfulness practice."

Janine Larsen, District Executive

"This puts a whole new twist on communication, or what you thought was communicating. This is the best course I’ve come across that will help me listen and truly connect with another."

Susan Fontaine, Sr. HR Consultant

"Arriving with an open heart and finding out that NVC could stretch and open so much more was an unexpected and joyous gift. To be able to move beyond simple surface analysis to true spirit connection was absolutely great for me."

Ken Crawford, Project Manager

"This is a significantly worthy method of enhancing communication effectiveness."

Ken Renaud, Architect

"This model provides a clear approach to a very important manner of communication. I’ll use it in my home, work and church environment."

Sally L. Godard, Psychiatrist

"Here is a set of lessons that need to be learned about communicating from a young age . . . but it’s never too late to be a beginner."

Ron Gagnier, Software Consultant

"Well planned and well presented. Exceeded my most optimistic hopes for usefulness and value."

Jack Myers


Educators Are Saying ...

"Must attend. This will change the way you live your life and communicate with others."

Troy Gratton, Vice Principal

Rachelle ..
Thank you for the workshop that you conducted with our staff on Non Violent Communication. This was the second consecutive year that we have hosted you as an NVC facilitator and our school has been pleased with the positive impact that this is having within our community.

Rachelle, we especially appreciate your ability to connect with our staff and teach to our context when explaining the process of implementing NVC concepts into our school’s culture. Our school’s community is stronger because of your continued support with non-violent communication.

Thank you again for your work in helping our organization to continue develop our understanding of NVC.

With Gratitude,
Mark Watson Principal Eaton Arrowsmith School

“A fresh perspective – gives me a new approach to some conflict issues that had become wearisome and discouraging. I can now approach these issues with more attention to promoting mutual respect and cooperation. Possibly the best investment of a day one could make.”

Andrew McInnis, Principal

"This model provides a clear approach to a very important manner of communication. I’ll use it in my home, work and church environment."

Sally L. Godard, Psychiatrist

"I am grateful to Rachelle for the rich learning opportunity she provided both myself and the other participants. The workshop evaluations we received from the participants consistently showed that everyone found significant value in the workshop and enjoyed the learning process and methodology as well."

Melanie Dillon, Senior Learning Consultant

"I am feeling much more confident in my ability to experience meaningful connections with others - something I found difficult to achieve in the past. These are wonderful tools! I thank Rachelle for showing how authentic and compassionate these tools really are. They create a great equality between people and allow us to really know where the other person is coming from without judgment or need to fix. Rachelle's study groups showed me that I too could overcome my personal emphasis on confrontational dialogue. Thank you."

Ann Duffield, Learning Consultant

"If everybody had the chance to attend this workshop, the world would be more harmonious and compassionate."

Guylaine Carle, Learning Consultant

"It was great to learn "a new language" and wrap my mind around these wonderful concepts. It was wonderful! You have a great knowledge of your work and I am so inspired to be more like you. I learned how to communicate effectively and how to listen and meet the needs of others. I also learned to express my feelings and to respect others as well."

Lindsay, Student

"Everything about the workshop worked wonderfully for my learning and growth. You presented this workshop with understanding and clarity. I understood it all! I learned how to communicate effectively! I will be able to express my needs and be able to meet the requests and needs of others at the same time!"

Meghan, Student

"As a teacher in the public school system I have been teaching these skills to my students. I think that this course should be part of teacher training at the university. I've also benefited from this work in my personal life with my friends."

Brigitte Rathje, Teacher

"Excellent education. It exceeded my expectations and provided a new world of insight."

John Morrison, Northern Lights College