A revolutionary approach to conversation for a world that requires inspired and robust examples of courage and radical empathy.

One of the great problems in postmodern culture is the lack of true conversation.
— John O'Donohue
This puts a whole new twist on communication, or what you thought was communicating. This is the best course I’ve come across that will help me listen and truly connect with another.
— S. Fontaine, Sr. HR Consultant


Going through a relationship or communication rough spot?
I can help you discover a new horizon.

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"A necessary fuel stop on the path to peace, self-understanding and connection with mankind." — Stuart Morse

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Poetry, presence and humanity ..
Rachelle brings a passion for life-giving language that she shares in the service of inspiring others to choose words that incite not just personal but global change.
— Jacqueline Kellam

How do you fare in the way you relate and communicate?
Take a few minutes to learn more about yourself.

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Join me in this interview with my friend Carmen Spagnola
where we share poetry, some laughs, and good soul food

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Give up the small life, the one that won’t remember your name after you’re gone or perhaps can barely remember it now. When was the last time you lived as if you’d just taken your first breath, made love for the first time ... felt the cool rush of life in your limbs and knew deep in your belly that the earth was happy to root you?
— Rachelle Lamb


Rachelle consistently receives praise from folks about her use of poetry in her presentations. While she typically recites the works of more prominent poets, she has a robust collection of her own works which you can hear in this poetry reading.



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“One of my greatest joys is to see people’s faces light up as they gain insight into a liberating and unifying approach to thinking and communicating that will empower them to nurture the relationships in their lives in ways they had not thought possible. It gives people so much hope when they grasp these concepts and begin to successfully apply them. A real joy!!!”

Arriving with an open heart and learning an approach that could stretch and open people so much more was an unexpected and joyous gift. To be able to move beyond simple surface analysis to true spirit connection was absolutely great for me.
— Ken Crawford, Project Manager