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Speak To Me Like You Love Me

  • Ottawa, Peggy's Oasis 249 North River Road (map)

How do communication exchanges between well intended people become habitually problematic? How does goodwill become overshadowed by resentment and mistrust? For anyone who fears conflict, come and learn how to turn this so often dreaded beast into an ally that strengthens relationships of all kinds.

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Whether we wish it to be or not, what we say and how we say it determines whether our relationships become battlegrounds or fruit bearing gardens. For instance, a simple “Will you take out the garbage?” or “You’re not much of a team player” has the potential to stimulate a great inventory of negativity. And yet human beings are wired for sociability and cooperation. How then do we rewrite the human narrative and find our way to more responsible and caring ways of relating? Join Rachelle as she shares how NVC helps us get off the treadmill of playing the game Who's Right and effectively moves us into a zone where mutually satisfying exchanges unfold with genuine sensitivity and mutual regard that ultimately lead to deeper and richer connections between people.

This workshop is open to individuals and couples alike. Course content will be applicable to both personal and professional relating situations.

Tuition: $125CDN 
Couples Special: $220 

Purchase is non-refundable. Seats may be transferred to another person however.

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Earlier Event: April 5
Speak To Me Like You Love Me
Later Event: September 13
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