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Nonviolent Communication Training - Invite me and I'll come to you

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Do you have a voice in your community and an ability to gather people into a room? If you'd like to bring NVC to where you live and think there are others who would be interested in learning about the real benefits NVC brings to people's lives, I'd be happy to speak with you and explore making it happen. Below is a sample of the workshop description. I've included FAQs at the end for next steps ..




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    Tuition: $280 | 225 Early bird 4 weeks prior to event (GST added at checkout) 
    Couples rate: $500 | 395 Early bird 4 weeks prior to event (GST added at checkout) 
    Seats are non-refundable but transferable to another person
    Workshop Times: Saturday 10am-4pm & Sunday 10am-3pm
    Venue: TBA
    Add info: Organizer contact name and contact info

    Explore a revolutionary approach to speaking up, establishing rapport and resolving differences. Radically shift your experience of communication with this liberating, transformational and dynamic practice rooted in spiritual and emotional intelligence. Break through limiting thought and speech patterns established through social conditioning, and replace them with a powerful way of communicating that is deeply satisfying, life honouring and creatively liberating. Come with an open mind so you can experience the power of vibrant, authentic connection with those you love, those you don't love, and the living world that sustains you.


    • be able to approach conflict and important conversations in a more open, grounded and confident manner?
    • develop a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and what to track in your conversations?
    • increase your objectivity, sensitivity, authenticity, awareness and resourcefulness?


    • You feel stuck in your life
    • You feel stuck in your primary relationship
    • Your kids won't listen to you
    • Your partner won't listen to you
    • You don't have the guts to speak up
    • You say things you regret
    • You feel resentful
    • You handle conflict poorly (freeze/fight/flight)
    • You feel anger/despair about the world
    • You're convinced something's missing but you're not sure what
    • You're disillusioned with life and/or relationships
    • You're disillusioned with healing, personal growth and self-help
    • You feel disempowered in your relationships or within the "system"
    • You're ready to develop mastery in your communication
    • You want to become a more effective leader
    • You want to change the world (yep, still a noble pursuit)


    • You're not open to deeply examining how you communicate
    • You're not willing to stretch your perspective and consider different ways of seeing
    • You're not willing to feel some discomfort as you replace old habits with new skills


    • Alienating thinking and language (our cultural inheritance)
    • You don't need to be "healed" .. identifying the "trauma" of our times
    • Speaking with compelling honesty and moxy
    • Understanding the mechanics of defensiveness
    • When "safety" and "non-judgement" become a trap and a rap
    • Addressing interpersonal tension skillfully and constructively
    • Balancing clear intention/direction with openness and flexibility
    • Empathy that liberates versus empathy that stifles
    • Mourning and Gratitude as essential anchors


    This workshop is for all who speak. It is intended for anyone willing to do the work to significantly enhance and transform personal and professional relationships. It is intended for all possessed by a longing to learn how to speak their way towards a better day. It is for artists, dreamers, lovers, couples, creatives, educators, counsellors, leaders, managers, parents, mediators and those committed to personal and social change.

    'Speak to me like you love me' is a workshop title that acknowledges the need we have as human beings to know that we matter to others, not in the romantic or intimate sense even though that can be lovely, but rather in the sense that because dominant culture teaches people to see life primarily in terms of "resources", it takes disciplined "unlearning" and retraining, especially where language is concerned, to overcome well-practiced enculturation habits that tragically normalize alienating and "power over" ways of relating with each other. 


    • I will shake up your existing paradigm around communication (a good thing because the dominant paradigm generates problems for us)
    • I will challenge you to think waaaaaaay outside the box (key to making breakthroughs)
    • You will develop skills that you can implement straight away with immediate results
    • You will acquire a more trustworthy way of seeing yourself, your relationships and the world than through the cultural lens that has informed you for most of your life 
    • Your ability to think critically will be strengthened as will your capacity to respond compassionately
    • You'll have a much clearer understanding of the mechanics of conflict and learn to lean into it with sensitivity, ingenuity and creativity
    • You'll be moved to tears (in a good way)
    • You'll laugh (levity is good medicine)


    Rachelle Lamb has worked in the field of interpersonal relating and conflict resolution for over two decades. She brings an earthy, practical yet innovative wisdom earned over decades of study and practice concentrated on Language, Relationships and Conflict through several diverse lenses: Cultural Anthropology, Spirituality, Nonviolent Communication℠, Mythology, Poetry, Storytelling, Deep Ecology and Social Activism. She is a speaker, writer, spiritual activist, certified NVC Trainer and ‘relationship whisperer’ and has shown thousands how to courageously and skillfully navigate interpersonal conflict and challenges, leading to profound breakthroughs.

    For additional information regarding this event in Kamloops, contact Kamloops coordinator Margaret Huff via email or phone 250-374-2748

    "Engaging, dynamic, transformational, liberating … a must attend!"

    "A workshop that truly speaks to the heart!! A wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to explore an alternate way of being! An opportunity that speaks to our essence."

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    Seating is limited for this venue. Early sign-up recommended.

    To speak eloquently, directly and courageously when the stakes are high does not come naturally. It is a learned skill. And if you haven't learned it, which is close to guaranteed in a culture that doesn't teach it, you probably already know that when you need it most is precisely when it becomes painfully clear just how impoverished our culture is in this regard and that you have inherited this same poverty. And in a culture that prides itself on "progress" and "individualism", you can be sure that the stakes will be even higher when it comes to your relationships. The cost of alienation will likely be far greater than what your heart can bear.


    1. Q: How many people do you need to make a workshop happen?
      A: This depends on overhead expenses and how far I have to travel but typically a minimum of 20-24 is required to make it feasible.
    2. Q: Can you work with smaller groups in BC?
      A: If you live in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island, I can work with a smaller group (12-16 people)
    3. Q: Do you supply a flyer? (View sample)
      A: Yes
    4. Q: Are you willing to be interviewed?
      A: Yes
    5. Q: How many days is best for a workshop?
      A: I suggest 2 days. People have so many questions after the first day that require asecond day to really flesh out the concepts and provide opportunity for practice.
    6. Q: Can you offer a 1 day if 2 days isn't possible?
      A: I recognize that sometimes 1 day is preferable. I'm happy to do that but this may affect the minimum number required especially where travel is required by me. (Also please see answer to previous question).
    7. Q: What kind of accommodations do you require?
      A: I appreciate a private room with private bath. I'm happy to stay in the organizer's home to reduce expenses and share food together.
    8. Q: What are the financial arrangements between you and the organizer?
      A: This typically depends on how many people register. Most people simply want to bring NVC to their communities and the reach minimum numbers to make workshop happen. If you imagine being able to draw a significantly larger crowd, email me to schedule a phone chat.