A revolutionary approach to conversation in a world that requires robust examples of courage and radical empathy

Rachelle Lamb

How many times has an all-too-familiar and unsatisfying conversation left you feeling bewildered, fed up or frustrated? Why is it so incredibly challenging to simply get along? Is there no way out of the cycle of pain and confusion?

With over 7 billion people living on our tiny planet and so much diversity in the mix, is it possible for us to live in harmony with nature and with each other?

It's a pretty tall order but it's vital that we make a concerted effort towards the possibility. It's important that we examine what drives us to behave and relate in counter productive ways when cooperation is clearly the better choice. Human beings have an extraordinary capacity to think creatively and act generously and compassionately. This website is dedicated to helping people develop that capacity.

Rachelle Lamb has, for over 25 years, been exploring language, relating and conflict through the lens of Cultural Anthropology, Spirituality, Nonviolent Communication, Mythology, Poetry, Storytelling, Deep Ecology and Social Activism. She is a speaker, writer, poet, teacher, spiritual activist, Nonviolent Communication℠ trainer and ‘relationship whisperer’.

She has shown thousands how  to courageously and skillfully navigate interpersonal conflict and challenges, leading to profound breakthroughs.
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Hollyhock 5 day communication training in progress, Cortes BC

Hollyhock 5 day communication training in progress, Cortes BC

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